the essential remains

In 1809, Friedrich painted Monk by the Sea, the main work of German Romanticism. A century and a half later, Rothko recreated the same concept, but seeking to simplify it as much as possible. He eliminated everything superfluous to preserve only the essence.

To leave behind commonplaces. For him, the monk was not even necessary.

The important issue is what the observer feels when thinking about that landscape: the white light of the moon and the blue-sea colour.

The search for the idea in its purest form.



When everything is in constant transformation,
to adapt means to change without betraying what is fundamental.
Because in communication, as in almost everything in life, only the essential remains.

AT GIRó Consultants we manage
communication and reputation
considering the brands' essence

We believe that simplicity is one of the most fascinating and powerful tools of communication, and that nothing is more valuable than authenticity. To achieve it, it is essential to identify the essence of the brand, and to communicate it with honesty.

In an increasingly competitive and noisy environment, what really is difficult is to achieve differentiation and credibility. The benefits offered by brands are increasingly similar. The manners, too.

That is why we think that it is essential to seek the value of difference by taking a trip to the inner core, to the reason for being of each brand, in order to find its very essence. Fashions change, but the essence remains.

Giró Consultants, Reputation & Strategy is a consultancy born in these specific times, to respond to the changing reality that we are given to live: a society enduring a deep transformation, with an increasingly demanding and critical audience that requires honest brands, companies committed to their clients and their environment, and senior managers with a solid and proven reputation.



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Specialists in the management of public and corporate affairs. We design, develop, and implement high-impact communication strategies in order to achieve relevant positions for the reputation of the brands and their main executives.

We collaborate with the best professionals and companies and we do respond only to our clients’ interests. Our work is based on trust, commitment, and confidentiality.

We know about the social, legal, and economic environment and this is why we work for local and international companies that we help establish relationships based on trust, honesty and transparency with regulators.


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