We are editors of The New Barcelona Post, an online magazine focused on business, cultural and social information. Headed by the non-negotiable motto Good News, True Stories, it contributes to strengthen the Barcelona brand and to highlight the city’s most talented initiatives.


We truly believe that Barcelona is the best place to live, work and invest in the Mediterranean. Thus said, from The NBP we are committed to promoting the national and international projection of the city with quality and rigorous information that helps to make more visible its attributes, its qualities, its dreams and its achievements.

The NBP is an independent journalistic project, with an innovative digital format, that aspires to be the speaker of the companies, people and institutions that are committed to Barcelona, and the best platform to promote economic activity, culture, creativity, science and innovation.

Guided by the spirit of being the newspaper of good stories in Barcelona, ​​The NBP consists of three large sections, Business & Talent, Arts and Lifestyle, to which the Social Stories area is added, to give voice to all entities that, in a disinterestedly manner, contribute to making our society more supportive, fairer and with equal opportunities.