from the essence

We are the consulting firm that works with companies and their senior managers to explore opportunities in today’s new and uncertain context. We help our clients to continue growing. Or to reorient their business to respond to the needs of their consumers and preserve them.

We are experts in the management of public and corporate affairs. We design, develop, and implement communication strategies in order to achieve relevant positions for the reputation of our clients’ brands and their main executives.

We collaborate with the best professionals in each specialty to obtain the best results in a simple and effective way.

We are an independent boutique consultancy, and we respond only to our clients’ interests.


Analysis of the environment
and prospects

We prepare specific reports for our clients, related to their market environment, economic context, regulatory changes and the analysis of the most relevant indicators taking into account their economic activity. The goal is to have the information, data, and knowledge to make the best decisions.

public Affairs

We connect companies and their leading managers with the agents of the public administrations who take the decisions that affect their activity. The purpose is to obtain favourable regulatory environments for our clients, but also for the general interest of citizens, the common good of society, the creation of jobs, and the improvement of the territory.

crisis communication

We design and execute the crisis management of companies so to avoid putting their reputation at risk, which is one of the main assets of a company. We prepare the internal team that manages the public presence of the organization, we anticipate different scenarios and execute the crash plan in close collaboration with the brand.
Permanent evaluation and review of results and objectives.


The professional relationship with the media is essential for organizations and their managers. We plan the agenda of the main informative milestones and organize the agenda and events that will contribute to a fluid, transparent and honest professional relationship.

design and implementation of corporate identity and brand

The brand is the main identifier of a company and the intangible with the most influence on the decision to purchase, accumulating the attributes that appeal consumers. We help business organizations to build relevant brands, project them and propagate them to their target audiences.

thought leadership

We help to identify the keys to lead knowledge in different sectors of economic activity, and thus be recognized in the market.


Strategic management to expand the network of favourable public opinion in a specific environment by disseminating the values, attributes and strengths of our clients among the main agents -stakeholders and influencers of that environment- and by activating their active participation.


We manage the preparation of opinion studies for our clients, the tabulation of results and analysis to grasp the reality and the market trends.

digital strategy

We design the strategy and, in collaboration with the best professionals, we execute digital communication to directly reach the target audiences of the brands and promote their sales


We design and execute the most appropriate content for our clients, adapted to each format and support and aiming to every brand’s target audience, in order to promote their positioning and sales: